Invidia unei cesti uzate

The envy of a used cup. From the story cycle to a cup of coffee:

On a common day in the kitchen, when I was staring at the table among the vegetables, I heard a rumbling from the coffee cup rack. I drove away smiling the thought that they could catch my voice and continued my meticulous work between the greens. The whispers from the closet are repeated, and once a screaming “Alas, soro!” it takes me out of the rhythm and amazes me. Leave aside the vegetables and stick my ear to the green door. Inside two cups of coffee, a dwarf dwarf in the set five years ago and a green little one stood at the cuels.

The envy of a used cup

The fuck is saying.

– This is not our usual home here. These people are big brownies.
“Well, that’s good.” She said, “Let’s get the best choices of coffee, and then we’ll make every smell of our lips.”
– Do not rush, verzisoaro, that’s not what you think.
– But how?
– Here every morning you have to wake up the night in the head, when the oldest of the People comes in a sleepy sleep and stretches his hand over all to catch one of us. Usually he stopped at our biggest surrender. A large, old mug that was left without ear and no longer heard when crying. But one day that mug ended with an infestation under the burden of warm water and removed the pieces from the sink.
– Are you expecting this?
As if he had not heard, Galbioara continued.
– Now she’s gonna get us all over until my sister’s set up. She’s in her hand and she puts her under a cold shower, waking her out of her sleep.
Brr, “said the green,” this morning?
– About six and a half. Then, he did not dry well as he poured the jar on his fine skin.
– Oh, soro!
(that’s what I heard)
– And that’s how she kisses her lips with smoke, leaving a horrible smell that no longer removes with Antifum.
The next one is the one of the table whose favorite is the big mug like a teapot behind you, she takes it, tells her just a word about it and goes to the bedroom. There I have never been here, but I think it’s a place full of beauty, I think it’s another world.

– Seriously?

– Yeah, this big mug behind you is moving and all the shaking of joy as if it shows who knows what miracles. He does not talk to anyone about it, probably not, and we all have got to envy it. We want to see that world.
And I am green, whispering the smallest of the cups. I want to make her big like her and get to the bedroom in the new world.
– There’s a long way to go. You have to go through the hands of all the guests, being the newest, that’s the habit. And they have to touch your hands with large and harsh rings, they will touch your fat fingers by the man. They have kissing multicolored lipsticks and teeth without teeth.
– Terrible. I do not support that on my tender skin. What can I do, soro?
– You can hide behind me.

Then I opened the door and took the small cane and gave it a place on the fridge. She’s busting her up again and again, but she can admire the kitchen, and everybody who comes into it, for the dough for the past, I’ve prepared another fate, as she talks, and make her the mug that drank the flowers. Between cups he will never come in again. This story is about envy that can also occur to people

ceasca de cafea

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